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The Foundations of Global Digital Payment were set in 2018, when cryptocurrency faced a major crisis. People had lost their trust in the currency due to its lack of usability. Since then,Global Digital Payment is a company that has played a major role in the reincarnation of cryptocurrency. The team behind Global Digital Payment is striving towards implementing the blockchain technology into people’s daily lives by making crypto a reliable and efficient medium of exchange. Global Digital Payment has created the Bytus ecosystem which consists of the Bytus token, Bytus private blockchain, Bytus wallet and crypto bank, the. The ecosystem allows users to access a wide variety of retail stores and make purchases by paying through the Bytus token. Moreover, the Bytuscrypto bank will allow the easy and fast conversion of crypto into fiat money without any transaction fees. Since its launch Bytus has attracted great interest globally and has been much appreciated for its functionality. The ability to convert crypto through a channel as safe as Bytus without any interest charge is something that has allowed Global Digital Payment to reach unprecedented heights.With its huge network of retailers and businesses which seems to be growing every passing day, paying for your purchases online through crypto has never been this easy and reliable.Global Digital Payment strives to make crypto more than a commodity. We understand that it is the most reliable medium of exchange available to us. We seek to excel and improve our products continuously in order to achieve our goal of making financial transactions safe and secure for the common people.



Global Digital Payment – Paving the way for crypto payments

Our mission is to remove all barriers that people face to use crypto as a mode of payment and its conversion into fiat. Through our state-of-the-art technology and our expertise in blockchain technology and mobile payments we seek to bring economic and financial balance in the world.


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The Bytus utility token is backed by Ethereum and will act as the medium of exchange in the Bytus ecosystem.

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The Bytus Private Blockchain is based on the Graphene chain protocol. The private blockchain has attracted more than 15000 retailers from around the world.

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Bytus wallet is an all-in-one online multi cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and others.

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The Bytus crypto bank is a virtual institution based on a mobile app that will perform the banking function in the Bytus ecosystem.

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Economy of Token

The Bytus token is the key behind Global Digital Payment’s Bytus project. It is the unit of account through which the Bytus ecosystem will work. It indicates the channel size and acts as a fuel for the transactions you will make on our network. It is a utility token and it represents your net worth. The more tokens you have the more transactions you will be able to make on the network in a specified time interval.The token serves the following functions:

Once a token has been used it gets frozen for 24 hrs before another transaction can be made through it. These frozen tokens can be brought back to the main account with ease through an agreement between the buyer and seller. Global Digital Payment charges a rate of 3% per annum on the token balance in your wallet. The cryptocurrencies you list in your wallet will be converted into Bytus tokens to enable you to make transactions with the sellers on the Bytus network.


Blockchain Technology

The Bytus Blockchain Private Network is the foundation of our Global Bytus Ecosystem. It will allow users to make transactions within the system without having to pay any sort of commission or transaction charges. The information regarding all transactions will remain public in accordance with the Blockchain technology to make sure your tokens do not get stolen or misused.

It is based on the Graphene chain protocol. The Graphene architecture allows for much greater throughput which means, Global Digital Payment’s network will easily cater to the needs of users in micro payments without having to incur any transaction costs.



Infrastructure And Ecosystem Of Global Digital Payment

The Bytus (BYTS) token is an Ethereum based utility token that is the driving force and the unit of account in the Bytus ecosystem. The cryptocurrency you put into your Bytus wallet will be converted into Bytus tokens to allow you to make transactions or convert your crypto into fiat money . The total supply of these tokens is 66 million out of which the company successfully sold 5 million achieving its hard cap in first round of the ICO held in 2018. The massive acceptability and usability of the token has allowed us to attract multiple businesses to be a part of the Bytus ecosystem. Both users and businesses have benefitted with the technology and their trust in Global Digital Payment has been a driving force behind our continuous improvement.



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It is a private network based on the Graphene chain protocol. The main feature of the technology will be its excellent throughput. It allows for greater facilitation of micro payments, enabling us to achieve our goal of making cryptocurrency the world’s most common medium of exchange.
The Bytus wallet allows users to store almost all cryptos available in the market. Users are able to either convert them into fiat quickly and without any hassle or they can use these currencies to make online purchases on our network of sellers. The standout feature is that they do not have to pay any transaction commissions on these purchases.
The cryptobank is the institution that allows Bytus users to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat money. Users can also use it as a currency exchange where they may change their currency into the unit of account in the Bytus ecosystem i.e. Bytus token.
It is the unit of account in the Bytus ecosystem. Any retailers you find in our network of sellers will accept the Bytus token in exchange for their goods.
We have a vast portfolio of retailers that is growing every day. These retailers become a part of our private blockchain network for the added security and the ease of conversion into fiat without heavy transaction fees.

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