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Altug Tatlisu, Founder of "Global Digital Payment"

About Company

Global Digital Payment

  • Global Digital Payment was founded in March 2018. The company's global mission to develop of instant micropayment within cryptocurrency and convert it easily to FIAT.

  • Cryptocurrency has managed to confidently make space in our lives in a short span of time. Global companies are increasingly developing their entire e-commerce business on the Internet. That’s where the need for fast, easy and safe to use cryptocurrency arises to conveniently pay for any purchases and services.

  • Cryptocurrency remains complicated to implement, for reasons that begin with the nuances of the legalities involved, as well as the technical infrastructure needed.

  • The process of obtaining and exchanging cryptocurrency for FIAT is connected with third-party services that charge high interest, and whose security is not necessarily up to par.

  • That’s where Global Digital Payment comes in. We set ourselves the task of creating a convenient and safe ecosystem so that the Bytus Wallet users can conveniently utilize contactless payment through payment terminals and via the Internet using a QR code with an instant conversion of cryptocurrency into FIAT.

  • This will be a new step forward in the development of crypto payments. We have every opportunity to realize our mission.
Our mission

Global Digital Payment - The next generation in the evolution of crypto payments

  • Our mission is to create a convenient and safe ecosystem so that the Bytus Wallet users can conveniently utilize contactless payment through payment terminals and via the Internet using a QR code with an instant conversion of cryptocurrency into FIAT. We also aim to develop, improve and globalize cryptocurrencies.

Economy of token

The utility token in this project is a key tool the system cannot exist without it and intended to indicate the size of the channel. The more tokens you have, the wider payment channel. The width of the channel allows transactions on the network within the allotted time interval.

Bytus Token will be the fuel for transactions. The user independently freezes the token for incoming and outgoing transactions depending on their needs. After making the transaction, the tokens do not burn, but become inactive and resume their work for 24 hours. Frozen tokens can be brought back to the main account. The Commission can set both the buyer and the seller. The blockchain system will work on the POS 2.0 system and tokens will be charged at a rate of 3% per annum on the account balance in the wallet.

New currencies listed in the wallet will be added for Bytus tokens.

Goals of the company

Scheduled launch of the development in the near future


Bytus BPN

A private open source network with open source, where each user can do an audit. A catalog of retail chains will be assembled, and link us around the world. This will be an evolutionary breakthrough in cryptocurrency payments with instant conversion to FIAT


Mobile App

The mobile application will be both for users-buyers, and for retail networks-sellers. This convenient Back Office application will be connected to the Bytus Private Blockchain Network


Bytus CryptoBank

This is part of the Bytus ecosystem that will attract the cryptocurrency capitalization to be the fundamental link in achieving the goal by mobile payments in the cryptocurrency with instant conversion to FIAT


The Global Network of retail points of sale in Bytus Blockchain Private Network
will be the nucleus in the formation of the Bytus Ecosystem


Infrastructure and Ecosystem
of Global Digital Payment

Name: Bytus (BYTS)
Platform : Ethereum (ERC20)
Role : Utility token
Total supply : 66M (100%)
ITO supply : 50M (75%)
Private ITO token sale: 5M (10%)
Pre - ITO token sale: 10M
Crowdsale ITO token: 35M (70%)
Post ITO sale via CryptoBank (unsold tokens)

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Product Description

Bytus Blockchain Private Network

The blockchain will be private, and, based on the protocol Graphen chains. This type of architecture has excellent throughput, an attractive feature when you consider the network is planned to cover the need for users in micro-payments without commissions.
The blockchain network involves the development and attraction of retail trade networks that will accept Bytus tokens, and will be part of a private network of blockchain as sellers.

Bytus Mobile Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

The mobile application Bytus is a multi crypto wallet. All payments inside the wallet will have minimal commission in the Bytus token, making the wallet more attractive in terms of usage and convenient. The wallet’s security will be provided by the generation of unique private keys on the user's smartphone. The main unique and convenient function of the wallet is instant conversion.

Bytus CryptoBank

Cryptobank Bytus will be the main institution for the rapid conversion of cryptocurrency to FIAT. It will also act as a currency exchanger.

Description of the Bytus token

Bytus token will act as the utility token in the Blockchain private network Bytus. The Bytus token will act as fuel for any transactions. In the blockchain private network, it will work on POS 2.0 with an accrual of 3% per annum on the balance in the wallet.

Formation of retail network in a Bytus Private Blockchain network

Private retail blockchain network will be formed to add the retail network to the private blockchain network. The retail network will then payments for goods and services and conduct transactions in cryptocurrency with instant conversion to FIAT.

Mass media

Press Release

“This is what Global Digital Payment through the Bytus project seeks to achieve by creating a private network ecosystem where users and crypto owners can exchange their tokens for Bytus tokens. The tokens are then stored in the Bytus wallet ready for transactions.“

“ByTus, a new platform based in New York, has been designed to solve the problems mentioned. ByTus is aimed at enabling users to independently control the security of their funds, simplifying the process of conversion to accelerate buying goods and services, and helping current retail chains easily payment of crypto-currencies who can attract new customers want to pay and receive new markets. “

“Bytus is the creation of a strong team led by its founder, Altug Tatlisu who is an experienced software developer with over 23 years of experience. Together with experienced staff, Tatlisu is propelling his idea of developing a platform that can solve various issues plaguing the digital payments and cryptocurrency industries. “

“The reason behind Bytus’ success has been its innovation in the blockchain technology. Altug Tatlisu, who is the brains behind Bytus’ blockchain as well as the founder of Global Digital Payment and Bytus, has used his years of experience as a blockchain developer and expert to give potential investors to put their trust in Bytus tokens. “

“The Bytus wallet is a mobile application that users install to access a convenient and safe contactless payment ecosystem. The flexibility of the digital wallet makes it easy for Bytus users to transact through payment terminals and via the internet by simply using a QR code.“


Company News



Bytus Project

Global Digital Payment began to work on a global project to create an ecosystem for instant crypto payments with conversion to FIAT.

June, 18 2018


Preparations for the ITO

Bytus development team has finished its work on whitepaper and the one page summary. In the test mode, the investor's dashboard has been launched.

August, 20 2018


Project development

The Global Digital Payment company offers investors taking a part in supporting the project and participating in a Private Sale on special terms.

September, 5 2018

Press Release

Social Media

The project team has started preparing for social media management and and publishing press releases.

October, 1 2018

Private Sale

Start of Private Sale

The Bytus Team is almost ready for starting the Private Sale in the mid of November 2018.

November, 15 2018

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